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Stealth Corporate Training


The Stealth Principles for Competitive Immunity™

  • Selling In The Language Of The Executive: Money & Metrics™
  • Live CIO, CFO, or CMO Case/Proposal Presentation & Critiques
  • Live C-Level Q & A: Access Preferences, Decision Matrix
  • Account Positioning: Opening vs. Closing©
  • Intrapreneurship – Your Territory as A Business©
  • Navigating Flawed Buying Processes – RFI’s, Decision-By-Committee©
  • Enhancing Forecast Predictability
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“Just Because You Can Play the Notes, Doesn’t Make it Music.”

Stealth Corporate Training


We’re Here For the 20% Who Produce 70% of the Enterprise SaaS Sales Revenue

Average scares us. We don’t “just play the notes.” Our training prepares Enterprise SaaS Sales teams driving complex deals to achieve and maintain an elite-level performance status.

The most influential people in our lives we probably don’t even know yet, so let’s prepare for those life-changing introductions and conversations. We’re literally positioned so that one business relationship, one opportunity, one large deal, one agreement, one enterprise contract can change the course of your company or family for generations. Quota? Sure. But this is bigger. MUCH BIGGER

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