The Metrics We Live By

CAC, TCV, ARPA, MRR, LCR, and more…

The data may be accurate, but does it really matter?

The Questions We Ask

“To what extent is my sales performance data sufficient to accurately forecast desired outcomes? Certainly, I have enough to satisfy executive board requirements but are there nuances that I’m missing? Why isn’t there a performance metric or KPI for “Intensity & Passion?” Am I a priest in the Religion of Data? Should I literally interpret the data and proselytize it for others to join my cause? How do I inspire and lead human beings that productivity data presents in the form of “Human Doings?” Where does my bias of interpretation begin or end? When should my gut and intuition kick in? What do I do when the data I uncover supports two diametrically opposed courses of action or outcomes?

Avoiding The Simplified Answer

Nuances matter, intention matters, and the most important things in life and in sales… aren’t always attached to a meaningful KPI. Can anyone quantify the impact to an Enterprise SaaS sales organization when their enterprise sales executives or strategic account directors choose to avoid the C/VP suite because they lack conversational confidence accessing and holding executive conversations? Yet, the value of having that competency is obvious.

In the end, many surmise that despite all the management tools, AI, and predictive analytics solutions that are available… unmeasurable human factors may make a profound difference and that the fastest path may feel “slow” as we consider distilling the differences between causation and correlation before presenting our interpretation of the data. Personally, I see that… as a win.

There never has been, and there will never be a test that can measure the heart of a winner.”

~Art Williams